Micro training

Certificate in Management & Business Administration 

is an additional option for people who prefer to complete a shorter (and more affordable) program first, and then - optionally - continue their studies to the higher level (Advanced Certificate).

For basic information about Advanced programs please review the main

main training page.

In 2 WEEKS (part time), learn Business & Management essentials and become Certified.


Participants will receive double certificates from Enterprise Academy (Canadian Chartered Enterprise and Professional Accreditation):


Certificate in

 Management & Business Administration

as well as a

prestigious professional designation:
    Certified  Business Manager (CBM) or Certified CEO designation
from National Management Accreditation Council (NMAC), a not-for-profit organization approved by the Canadian government, entitling you to use the designation after your name on your profiles, business card and/or marketing materials.


Alternatively, if you have minimum 2 years of experience in
specialized fields
, you can apply for customization and receive a
specialized designation (the 2nd certificate) in other fields:
Certified Hospitality Manager, Certified Project Manager, Certified Sales
Manager, Certified Engineering Manager, Certified IT Manager, ...


This program includes the 5-page summaries.

Optionally, after completing this program, you can continue your study to the advanced level: Advanced program (Advanced Certificate). You would pay only the fee difference, have access to extra materials and complete only the extra elements. 


Programs are being delivered in three part time formats:

  • Online training – instructor led: from anywhere
  • Distance education by self-study: anywhere, anytime, more affordable

This is an open enrolment program and due to the flexible structure and design, you decide how much time-effort to put in.
Micro programs have been designed to be completed in about 20 hours (total learning time, including interaction with the instructor if applicable, self study, and case study).

To ask questions about Micro or Mini programs, please use "contact form".

Our program is not a Master of Business Administration program, and it is not a "degree" program. EA does not issue/offer university degrees.