Advanced Certificate training for the Hospitality industry


For basic information about General training programs please review the main Training page.

In addition to the general training program, Enterprise Academy offers specialized training programs for professionals in Hospitality industry:

  • Hospitality & Hotel Management
  • Hospitality Leadership & Management
  • Front Office Operations Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Housekeeping Operations Management
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing Management


The participants would receive two certificates, an

Advanced Certificate in Management and Business Administration

(from Enterprise Academy) mentioning to the specialization,

and if they have a minimum of two years related experience

a Master Hospitality Manager designation

(from National Management Accreditation Council, Canada).


Additionally, your organization or business would receive the formal certificate
“Accredited Business in Hospitality Management”
from National Management Accreditation Council (Canada). You can use it on your marketing materials and at your office to show existing expertise in your business.

The graduates have the opportunity of receiving additional certificate from a world class educational institution specialized in the hospitality industry:

Enterprise Academy (EA) has received approval to offer Distance Education courses provided by American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (EI) and add EI individual courses into current EA short training programs.
Additionally, EA is permitted (by EI) to provide instructor and exam proctor support to the students. EA’s successful students - passing each EI Paper Based or online course exam with 70% or higher - will receive a certificate of completion from EI for the course.


Highly valuable options for participants in specialized program in Hospitality & Hotel fields:

Certified Hospitality Manager or Certified Hotel Manager designations.
Participants in this program in various Hospitality & Hotel fields who have a minimum of two years hospitality industry experience are eligible for additional valuable Certified Hospitality Manager or Certified Hotel Manager designations from Cambridge Association of Managers (registered and recognized by the UK government), only by submitting related application, a Resume/CV, and paying its fees.


The general Mini training modules for the program are:

Management, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Business Planning, Accounting and Finance essentials, Human Resources, Information Technology Basics, Entrepreneurship and E-Myths.


Our flagship hospitality  training program is


Advanced Certificate in Management & Business Administration specialized in Hospitality and Hotel Management

Participants may take one short online EI course in addition to all the EA general modules.

Optionally for other specialized programs, related modules must be studied:

  • Hospitality Leadership and Management.
  • Front Office Operations Management.
  • Restaurant Management.
  • Housekeeping Operations Management.
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing Management.


This program can become customized based on the specific needs for Hospitality organizations and centres. 


The programs are offered for professionals and people with work experience. This program is not designed for fresh high school graduates with no experience.


To ask questions about training programs, please use "contact form" .



Our program is not a Master of Business Administration degree program, and it is not a "degree" program. EA does not issue/offer university degrees.