Advanced Certificate training:

Management & Business Administration with Specialization: Corporate Training & Development (and Corporate Academy Project Management)



Who can benefit from this Mini training and certification program?

  • Training & Development Professionals
  • Human Resources Managers/Professionals
  • Corporate Training Managers
  • Corporate University Managers
  • Corporate Trainers
  • Training Project Managers
  • Career Managers
  • Learning & Development Consultants
  • Franchiser & Corporate Executives


In one month, receive a certificate from
Enterprise Academy

(Canadian Chartered Enterprise and Professional Accreditation):
Advanced Certificate in Management & Business Administration,

specialized in Corporate Training & Development
Participants also receive an international certificate (no extra charge):
Certificate in Mastering Corporate University Dynamics
Additionally - without additional cost - participants who have a minimum of two years related experience
receive prestigious professional designation:
Master Corporate Academy Manager (MCAM) 

and Chartered Chief Learning Officer (CCLO)
from National Management Accreditation Council,

a not-for-profit organization approved by the Canadian government,
entitling graduates to use the designations after their names on profiles, business card and/or marketing materials.
You would use the knowledge and the certificates as competitive advantages, personally for your advancement or to improve your enterprise.


Additionally, your organization would receive the formal certificate
Accredited Business in Corporate Training Management
from National Management Accreditation Council (Canada). You can use it on your marketing materials and at your office to show existing expertise in your business.

This innovative program is the only program in the world combining learning objectives in Management & Business Administration, Corporate Training and Corporate University Project Management.


In this compressed program, you will learn Corporate Training and Development Management, Corporate University Dynamics, as well as summaries of General Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Financial Management, Business Planning, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship.

The specialized module offers a unique opportunity to develop demand-led corporate university management skills and best practices, bringing you up to speed with latest corporate university developments, using the leading edge Corporate University Blueprint to learn about the advanced design and management of the corporate university concept and its best practices for successful fully integrated business development, to stay ahead in this new dynamic age of management.



EA also provides a shorter and more affordable learning and certification program ("Micro" Training) which includes:
Certificate in Corporate Training and Development Management
Certificate in Mastering Corporate University Dynamics
Designation: Certified Corporate Academy Manager (Certified CLO)
And “Accredited Business in Corporate Training Management” certificate



Enterprise Academy has received approval to offer a globally recognized Project Management designation from the

American Academy of Project Management (AAPM),

and International Project Management Commission 

(world class professional body located in
USA), only by submitting related application, a Resume/CV, and paying its fees.


The participants are eligible for Certified Training Manager designation

from the Cambridge Association of Managers

(registered and recognized by the UK government),

only by submitting related application, a Resume/CV, and paying its fees.

Enterprise Academy (EA, Canada) has passed the evaluation process and has received an official certificate of recognition from California University FCE (Recognized by US Government, State of California, and Bureau for Postsecondary Education) confirming that EA’s Advanced Certificate programs are equivalent to the business administration programs offered by the accredited universities in the United State of America.



If you would like to apply, please complete the

 application form here.




Our program is not a Master of Business Administration degree program, and it is not a "degree" program. EA does not issue/offer university degrees.