CU Blueprint: The Structure, Management Functions, and Disciplines


The CU Blueprint is a browser-based software model that connects all the variables that influence quality and performance in the demand-led corporate academy.


The Blueprint provides the essential foundation processes from which managers can conquer the new demand-led learning challenges such as excellence, sustainability, profit improvement, performance enhancement, quality, best practice, social responsibility, inclusiveness, etc.


The Blueprint framework model brings all these skills matrix challenges together in a coherent and profitable way. Use this dynamic solution oriented architecture for managing unified growth and development solutions & for projects that focus on innovative solutions for growth and development.


For successful outcomes when using the Blueprint, use it flexibly; in-depth or with a 'lite' touch. Each development situation is different at a particular point in time and your skill will develop in using those aspects of the Blueprint which are the controlling factors in achieving a successful management outcome.


The system manages the inputs and outputs of the corporate academy design and development process. It allows active access by people across your organisation's locations with sharing of information and results. The Blueprint is, in effect, a central processing unit for strategic corporate HR and new learning investment decisions, strategy formulation and executive action

 This strategic model is based upon a logical and progressive framework that builds upon strategic and policy decisions. It provides foundations for the detailed planning and delivery of a portfolio of high return on investment development programmes.

 It has a 'root and branch' architecture that incorporates all the decision points relating to demand-led learning core functions, relationship interfaces, development processes, communication networks and management infrastructure for building and managing your own Real Time Business School capabilities.

 The Blueprint's un-prescriptive methodology means that it can lend itself to a variety of different situations by using the whole package as a complete process or cherry-picking just those areas which are appropriate at any given time.

The over-riding objectives of the Blueprint are to provide Blueprint Users with:

  •  A full appreciation of the aims and outputs
  • Comprehensive governance requirements for their programme or project
  • Adaptation of theory into work-place practice
  • Improved decision making and beneficial change for the organisation - increasing numbers of learners
  • A clear view of the dramatic differences the corporate academy can
    make to the organisation


The Blueprint is a browser-based software system, created by a leading UK software developer and hosted in the UK on secure servers. 

The information that you enter into the Blueprint is 100% secure and backed-up regularly.  Your information is not accessible publicly - only via your personal active access codes.


The screen shots below guide you through the structure and functions of the browser-based Blueprint.