CU Blueprint Characteristics

The Blueprint is a unique system for comprehensive corporate business school, corporate academy and enterprise academy best practice learning project management.


It is an interactive time-line, flowchart and mapping schematic model that enables the user to very effectively manage all the mainstream new learning variables at anytime and from anywhere.  It defines a very powerful and dynamic real-time management process for inspiring and implementing important strategic new learning projects and programmes and eliminating weaknesses.


Operations Management

  • 24/7 active access
  • Complete confidentiality of key decisions and actions
  • Online operating instruction manual
  • Resources for complete operational effectiveness
  • Hard-copy print facility for round table discussions and dissemination
  • A comprehensive Guide Notes Inventory
  • Progressive decision element codes
  • Application Performance Management best practice information



  • Deployment options:
    • Multiple application capability for different development situations
    • Multiple location use capability
  • Drafting and recasting of project solution information
  • Flexible in solution scaleability - usage ranges from lite touch to in-depth application
  • A comprehensive modular star-burst cluster of all the important core and signature decision areas
  • Facility to customise decision guide notes for different sectors and situations
  • The facility to introduce additional decision areas
  • Direct database storing of all decisions
  • Transparency and continuous teamworking feedback
  • Action timeline progress mapping and recording for reviewing and monitoring
  • Comprehensive statements of outcomes re. demand-led curriculum, at different levels of learning and development
  • Searchable database per application, using pre-determined key search factors e.g. participants, decision codes, subjects


Team Resourcing and Management

  • Controlled access
  • Ease of use
  • A defined leadership role
  • Decision Team appointments
  • Multiple parallel team working on specific areas of development
  • Using talent where its most needed
  • Supporting e-networking system for distributed participation when appropriate
  • Direct management of beta-feedback from Team members
  • Optimise solutions around organisational and business priorities
  • Embodies enterprise agility to meet changing conditions
  • Identifies opportunities for managed learning and enhancing real-time management skills
  • Leads to managed best practice dissemination and knowledge sharing

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