Corporate Academy Blueprint

Enterprise Academy as the sole North American business partner of the Global Association of Corporate Universities & Academies (G-ACUA) provides CU Blueprint (designed by G-ACUA) to companies and organizations in Canada & USA.

Learn to optimise your executive management skill-sets in exploiting new learning using this world class corporate academy design and drafting tool.

In a constantly changing business environment you need to use a dynamic learning project management framework to keep up to speed. Good corporate academies are grounded in the reality of the organisation - in its specific business, culture environment and regulatory affairs.

The CU Blueprint establishes action focused role responsibilities, combines inter-dependencies across business and organisational processes, enhances the real-time learning experience, accelerates strategic and tactical development projects and programmes and reduces cost through integrated new learning and knowledge management efficiencies.


The Blueprint is a multi-disciplinary browser-based management system to be used in a range of important strategic learning development applications, including:


  • The comprehensive exploration, design, development and delivery of company-specific new learning and knowledge management programmes
  • Company-specific feasibility studies; rigorous examination of the options for optimising solutions at different levels of deployment
  • Project management of firm-specific business and organisational development projects
  • Single-study and multiple-study empirical case research into corporate learning activities in different organisations, industries and sectors using a comparable research framework


The Blueprint is a browser-based software toolkit designed to be used by people involved in any of the following areas:


  • Corporate Academy design, implementation, and project management
  • Research into organisation development and learning
  • Corporate academy management
  • Organisation capacity and capability development
  • HR strategic management
  • Custom training programme design and development
  • Project learning management
  • New learning and knowledge management
  • SME cluster and enterprise academies
  • High return on investment curriculum development 


More information:

CU Blueprint - Structure and Management Functions

CU Blueprint Characteristics

CU Blueprint is a leading business validated architecture for managing all stages of learning organisation development and corporate academy project management.

We offer active access to different levels of Blueprint study providing progressive steps to top management competency.


Registration fee per year is £225 (or its equivalent in Canadian $) plus applicable taxes, for Gold membership.

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