Small Business Consulting

Based on E-Myth Methodology


Enterprise Academy helps customers to build a successful business, write a business plan, or franchise an existing business. 


EA provides complete and sustainable solutions from A to Z based on E-Myth methodologies. Michael Gerber (the bestselling author of E-Myth book) has introduced the E-Myth Point of View. The mentioned P.O.V. suggests that a business should be a vehicle to bring its owner more life, through the core principles of


Life, Objectivization, Working ON It - Not In It, Systemization, and Business Development.


Our methods are also inspired by the Harvard Business School management mentorship program, and we are committed to the ethics and standards of International Management Consultants Board.


Our advice and training, backed by E-Myth expertise, advanced academic education, innovative ideas, and extensive experience, set us apart from all other consulting firms. 


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