Enterprise Academy

Canadian Chartered

Enterprise and Professional Accreditation


Enterprise Academy Inc. is a federally incorporated Canadian business (the highest level of business incorporation recognized by the Canadian government, with brilliant worldwide credibility) and its head office is located at

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Enterprise Academy Inc and its services/programs are listed in the “Canadian Company Capabilities”, a highly recognized database centrally maintained by Industry Canada, Government of Canada. Additionally, Enterprise Academy Inc is listed on the Canadian Trade Index. It is the premier resource (listed by Canadian government) for buyers and suppliers of products and services. 

Enterprise Academy has Accredited Provider status from

Global Association of Corporate Universities & Academies (UK).



ENTERPRISE ACADEMY has also been registered as a not-for-profit higher educational (post-secondary) institution by the government of France.


Enterprise Academy has been approved Member of the American Association for Higher Education & Accreditation, recognized by the US government. AAHEA is the oldest non-profit association in the United States dedicated to the advancement of training and education.  

Enterprise Academy is accredited by the National Management Accreditation Council (NMAC, Canada). 



Enterprise Academy (EA) has received an official certificate of recognition from California (Recognized by US Government, State of California, and Bureau for Postsecondary Education) confirming that EA’s advanced programs are equivalent to the business administration programs offered by the accredited universities in the United State of America. As a result of mentioned recognition, all graduates of EA’s Advanced Certificate programs are considered as guaranteed pre-approved candidates, if they apply (optionally) for equivalency diploma form California University FCE, USA. They can also receive US government authentication for the equivalency diploma.


Enterprise Academy has been recognized as a Strategic Partner of The Institute of Supply Chain Management, UK.

The innovative ideas (as core business for starting Enterprise Academy) have been recognized and supported by the British Columbia government (Canada), Ministry of Social Development.


Additionally , Enterprise Academy has been confirmed to be listed in the Canadian eLearning Directory of the Canadian eLearning Enterprise Alliance. CeLEA is the only national organization in Canada focused solely on the commercial eLearning sector.


Enterprise Academy has been accepted as a member to be listed on WorldWide.Edu ("Worldwide Classroom" by the Consortium for International Education & Multicultural Studies).


The institution is officially recognized and authorised by several international organizations and institutions including:

  • Oxford Association of Management, and Cambridge Association of Managers, Recognized by UK government


Our Business, Management, and Project Management related training programs are approved as the Qualified programs for the Certification Path by:

  • American Academy of Financial Management AAFM, Recognized by Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (USA) and the US Department of Labor.
  • American Academy of Project Management (AAFM) and the International Project Management Commission (IPMC),  Recognized by the US Department of Education.
  • International Management Consultants Board (IMCA, USA), Recognized by Institute of Credential Excellence and ACBSP.


We are a member of Canadian Professional Trainers Association CPTA





All of our valuable endorsements - that we have received for the programs or for the institution - have clearly been declared on the website. Obviously being a member of an association does not necessarily mean having endorsement from the association.