Enterprise Academy Inc.

(Canadian Chartered Enterprise and Professional Accreditation)

is the first Canadian training, consulting, and project management service firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of businesses in the areas related to

Corporate Academy Architecture

and integrated training programs.

Enterprise Academy (EA) designs and provides customizable

Management & Business Administration

Training Programs,

using Harvard Business School materials, for individuals, as well as companies, startups, and other organizations to train their managers or franchiseesprovides Professional Certification and Designation programs for individuals, and offers Business Management Consulting  to businesses.


Corporate academy design is at the core of innovation. EA can provide world-class management support for the creation of a corporate academy

that will lead to growth and strategic development and release individual potential and organizational capability. EA transforms training department of companies to profitable corporate academies by designing the infrastructure, systems and adding the required components. The corporate academy is accountable to the parent enterprise to address the strategic and business goals. It develops the organization as well as human and knowledge capital and will add a brilliant competitive advantage to the company.

Enterprise Academy Inc. is a federally incorporated Canadian business and its head office is located at Vancouver, British Columbia.

EA offers services to all over the world (Canada, Asia, Africa, Turkey, Middle East, ...).


Our training programs are not academic "degree" programs.

EA does not issue/offer university degrees.

Mini MBA is not a degree and it is not academic MBA qualification.